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Huge shout out to Eric @ for hosting the first European DefenceTech Summit in Madrid last month. Amazing speaker line-up for a small but fast growing community of European sovereign minded founders and tech investors. If you didn’t get a chance to speak with us during the conference please do reach out - we would love to catch-up.

German Armed Forces Cyber Innovation Hub InnoDay on November 29th

The Cyber Innovation Hub of the German Armed Forces will hold its annual InnoDay on November 29, 2023. Hosted this year by the Bundeswehr’s Logistics School, the goal of the event is to bring together all of the creative and innovative potential within the Forces, and to foster an exchange with likeminded people in science and business. This year’s focus topic will be AI and the various dimensions of disruption enabled by the technology. There will be keynotes, lectures, interactive workshops, and product presentations, as well as plenty of opportunity for networking. Our very own Uwe Horstmann will contribute a keynote on the current defense innovation landscape. The Cyber Innovation Hub was established in 2017 by the German Federal Department of Defense as its innovation lab and has since completed hundreds of tangible projects in partnership with soldiers, internal startups, and external suppliers.

Registration for the InnoDay 2023 is open at

Source: InnoDay 2022

German Drone Dual-Use Startup Raises $67 Million Series B 🛩️

Last month during the 1st European DefenceTech Conference in Madrid, one of the speakers posed a timely question to the audience: “How many of you actually invests in Series B in European DefenceTech?”. In the audience of just over 100 people which was a mix of investors, founders and operators - only one single lonely person put their hand up - to which the speaker continued to make her point that perhaps European VCs are not ready to support these dual-use DefenceTech companies, despite having Europe’s first war on the continent since WW2.

Florian Seibel (CEO of Quantum Systems) and myself were in the audience quietly listening. Despite the candid question and answer, both of us are extremely hopeful that things are about to changing in Europe. As you may know, last week Quantum Systems closed a Series B investment round of $67m co-led by our friends at HV Capital and DTCP, two major German growth funds that have made their first investments in European Dual-Use DefenceTech. This round is the first time an European dual-use tech start-up raised over €100m in capital and as such we - both founders and investors a like - truly believe in establishing European dual-use DefenceTech as its own major category.

Source: Florian Seibel - CEO of Quantum Systems

Why is dual-use so important? During the same conference, Alex Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for Ukraine outlined the incredible uptake of multiple new generation drone platforms and that Ukraine were consuming / replacing upwards of 1,000 drones per week during the war. More importantly, the same drone platform are used for commercial large area surveying in simulating tailing damn failures in Ghana to Pelican nest counting in Louisiana, demonstrating the robustness of the technology for many use cases as well as a diversification of revenue streams for dual-use tech businesses like Quantum Systems and their investors.

Source: Quantum Systems Vector and Scorpion

Uwe and myself at Project A Ventures are super excited to have backed Florian and the Quantum Systems team for their Series A round and also doubled down in this Series B round. We are of course always looking out for founders building dual-use tech platforms and start-ups in Europe at any stage so please do reach out to us!

You can find the official PR announcement on Quantum Systems on here on Bloomberg. 

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Source: Lambda Automata

  • Our friends at posted a great summary of the European DefenceTech Summit in Madrid last week - Substack link.

  • Insights into the economics of missiles and counter-missiles in the current Israel and Hamas war - DefenceOne link.

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