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Welcome to the European Resilience Newsletter and thank you to those who already subscribed! Uwe and Jack (more about us at the end) started this newsletter to accelerate the building of the European DefenceTech ecosystem and fill a critical gap in European Resilience. We will keep the content bite-sized, frequent and free. We also openly invite guest content creators to contribute (see below for details on how to join). Our goal is to build an ecosystem of founders, operators, investors, and industry experts who are dedicated to enhancing European resilience through technology.

This week we have a premiere for you! Jannic recorded the first episode of our Resilience Interview series where he chats to Joel Noutere, Founder of the Nordic Defence Innovation Foundry, about DefenceTech across the Nordic countries and what the future holds for the region given Russia’s aggression.

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Resilience Interview Series 🎙️- Joel Noutere, Nordic Defence Innovation Foundry 🇫🇮

In the first episode of our Resilience Interview series, Project A’s Jannic Meyer talks to Joel Noutere, Founder of the Nordic Defence Innovation Foundry, a non-profit organisation providing resources and network to startups and researcher in the Nordics' defence space (Length 15 minutes).

Nordic Defence Tech Summit in Helsinki 🇫🇮 🇳🇴🇸🇪

Together with the Nordic Defence Innovation Foundry, Palantir and Lambda Automata, we are co-hosting an evening where industry leaders, investors, founders and innovators from the Nordic DefenceTech ecosystem come together to share common passions, build for Nordic defence and make a difference.

News That Caught Our Attention 👀

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  • “State procurement could help Estonia begin production of attack drones” -

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European Resilience Tech Newsletter Team

Uwe Horstmann co-founded Project A Ventures in 2012 as General Partner and has built Project A to be a leading European early stage investor with over $1bn USD under management and having backed 100+ founders. In addition to Project A, Uwe serves as Reserve Officer in the German armed forces and advises the German Ministry of Defence in digital transformation issues.

Jack Wang is a software engineer turned product driven tech investor and joined Project A in 2021 to lead the firm’s deep tech investing, which have grown to include DefenceTech. Prior to joining Project A, Jack worked in a variety of organisations such as Amazon and Macquarie Group across Australia, US and UK / Europe. Jack holds a MBA from London Business School and Bachelors of Engineering (Bioinformatics, 1st) from UNSW, Australia.

Jannic Meyer joined Project A initially contributing to what is now known as the Project A Studio, partnering with founders at the pre-idea stage, where he covered a variety of topics ranging from energy infrastructure to dual-use robotics and led our investment in ARX Robotics. He is now part of the investment team at Project A covering all things resilience.

Project A Ventures is one of the leading early-stage tech investors in Europe with offices in Berlin and London. In addition to 1 billion USD assets under management, Project A supports its 100+ portfolio companies with a platform team over 140 functional experts in key areas such as software and product development, business intelligence, brand, design, marketing, sales and recruiting. Project A have backed founders of Trade Republic, WorldRemit, Sennder, KRY, Spryker, Catawiki, Unmind and Voi as well as founders building in European Resilience: